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Reeves Regional Health Boots 1 & 2

These 'sister' boots showcase symbols near and dear to the far West Texan soul: Ft Davis Mountains, prairie grasses, yucca, deep blue skies, and more. Also, proudly shown is a new name, for a new hospital, Reeves Regional Health is now better situated to be at the center of health and wellness in our area.

At sunup and sundown, the Texas skies paint a vivid backdrop of pinks, oranges, and yellows, which the artist captures on this boot, along with night’s blue skies. The inspiration behind the Reeves County Regional Hospital boot was taken from the scenery folks take in as they travel across the plains and into the far West Texas mountain ranges. 

Anchored by our new modern hospital and supported by Reeves Regional Rural Health Clinic and other specialty services, the people of Greater Reeves County can rest assured that advanced healthcare is not only down the road but thriving.

Reeves Regional Health Boots 1 & 2
2323 Texas St.
Pecos, Texas 79722
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