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Buck Jackson Arena

A friendly competition sprung up, and on July 4, 1883, Pecos became home to the World’s First Rodeo. Braggin’ rights were on the line to find out just who was the best cowhand in the West.

The stomping grounds where the World’s First Rodeo has been held since July 4, 1883, the Buck Jackson Arena is where the cowboys come to showcase their skill and Pecos citizens and visitors can enjoy the show. Even though the grounds have been in the same location since 1883, the citizens of Pecos dedicated the arena to a beloved contributor to the West of the Pecos Rodeo.

In 1993 the West of the Pecos Rodeo Arena was renamed by the county 
commissioners for Buck Jackson, who started 
announcing the rodeo in 1928, when it was still done on 
horseback. He announced the rodeo for over 
50 years and remained in attendance at the rodeo for many years after.

Jackson also served as Reeves County sheriff in the 
years just after World War II, and was known for his stories and encyclopedic knowledge of rodeo. He knew the cowboys, the events and the rules. He told an interviewer, “It just comes to me naturally what to say. I'll see 
someone or something in the arena and it’ll remind me of a 
joke or a story.”

Jackson saw firsthand how the West of the Pecos Rodeo grew from an event 
where most of the contestants were amateurs and full-time 
cowboys, to one where most are 
professional rodeo hands and members of the Rodeo Cowboys 

Buck Jackson Arena
South Cedar
East Walthall
Pecos, Texas
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