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About the Pecos Boot Trail

Howdy y’all, and welcome to the Pecos Boot Trail, a public art project brought to you by the Pecos Chamber. Start by picking up your very own Pecos Boot Trail Guide at the Pecos Chamber. Swing into the organization or business that sponsors each boot to collect a stamp. Then bring your completed book to the Pecos Chamber to lasso your very own Pecos Proud prize!

Million Dollar Dairy Queen Boot

This vintage-inspired boot depicts Dairy Queen imagery that Texans know and love, like DQ’s checkered blue and white pattern and the soft-serve cone that’s been savored by generations in these here parts. You could say our affinity for DQ is “a Texas thing.” 

Pecos Boot Trail Destinations

West of the Pecos Museum Boot 1

At the West of the Pecos Museum, you get not one, but two intricate depictions of the history and lore of Pecos. Because of its unique location, the museum is one of the first attractions folks see coming into Texas, and one of the last they see on their way out.

West of the Pecos Museum Boot 2

West of the Pecos Museum is housed in an old saloon that was built in 1896 and in the Orient Hotel, added in 1904. The buildings alone provide plenty of scope for the imagination, but  visitors will also find recreations of historical scenes in the Old West.

Pecos CVB Boot

Who comes to mind first when you hear the name Pecos? Well…Pecos Bill, of course! The West Texas adventurer is portrayed in the midst of two of his most notable escapades across the canvas of this boot—riding both a mountain lion and a West Texas cyclone!

La Fiesta Chili Boot

This boot showcases a Spanish tile pattern and one of Mexican food’s most beloved ingredient: chilis. Be sure to make time for a home-cooked breakfast, hot lunch, or dinner plate while you’re there. Or, wrap up something with a spicy kick inside a homemade tortilla and enjoy it on your way to the next boot. Yum!

Westex Community Credit Union Boot

Step back in time as you take in this boot, with its vista of the landscape that surrounds our beautiful community. WesTex Community Credit Union has been a part of West Texas for almost 60 years, so they know Pecos through and through.

2T Partners Boot

This boot gives a nod to the hardworking farmer and showcases symbols near and dear to the West Texan heart: windmills, pump jacks, yucca, cattle, and more. At sunup and sundown the Texas skies paint a vivid backdrop of pinks, oranges, and yellows, which we captured on this boot, along with daytime’s blue skies. 

Reeves County Teacher Credit Union Boot

Pride in the town of Pecos covers this boot, pulls to tip. The dignity and honor of Pecos’s history, law enforcement, education system, oil and gas industry, and medical community are all depicted in wonderful intricate detail on this boot.

Town of Pecos City Boot

What does transportation have to do with Pecos? From wagons to railroads and old-timey cars to semi-trucks, the progression of transportation has brought countless new opportunities to Pecos over the years.

Z-Tek Construction Boot

This boot’s design includes the old Pecos Valley Bank building, circa 1903, its renovated state as the Z-Tek Construction building, and a set of blueprints to represent structures transitioning from old, unusable spaces to new, reinvented spaces that meet the needs of our growing Town of Pecos City.

West of the Pecos Rodeo Boot

There was so much material to work with for this boot, we could only include a portion of what makes West of the Pecos Rodeo our most popular event.

West Texas National Bank Boot

The canvas of this boot maps WTNB’s locations—Pecos, Midland, Odessa, Denver City, Seminole, Kermit, Crane, Alpine, and Terlingua—and highlights the industries they proudly serve with illustrations of cotton, wheat, peanuts, a combine, pump jack, oil derrick, and horses.

School Spirit Boot

This spirit-filled boot dedicated to the Pecos-Barstow-Toyah Independent School District was brought to our community by WJ Investments to reflect the great school spirit and Eagle Pride that the Pecos community shows in support of their beloved Pecos Eagles and school sports! The school's motto is "BE EAGLES" and encourages all students to inspire, empower, and achieve excellence.

West of the Pecos Rodeo Boot 2

With traditional cowboy events like saddle bronc, bareback, and bull riding; steer, calf, and team roping; barrel racing, and steer wrestling, it’s easy to see why this boot was so much fun to design. And just look at that official championship buckle on the boot tip—yeehaw!

West Texas Eyecare Boot

The wise folks of West Texas Eyecare know seeing Pecos’s beauty is a true gift not to be taken for granted. From the region’s flora and fauna to the mountains and rock formations to the wildlife, there are so many natural wonders to behold in Pecos.

Reeves County Veterans Office Boot

The Reeves County Veterans Office isn’t just about supporting and assisting our local veterans, it’s also about enabling and empowering veterans to help other veterans—whether through social connection, business referrals, or making sure basic needs are met.

Reeves County Senior Center Boot

This rootin’-tootin’ boot proves that our senior community is alive and kickin’, thanks to the many varied activities and services offered by the Reeves County Senior Center. From day trips, educational seminars, health and fitness classes, and recreational activities to arts, crafts, nutritious meals, and transportation services, this center helps keep seniors socially active and independent.

Wellspring Apartments Boot

Because Pecos offers a wellspring of Old West imagery and folklore, this beauty of a boot shows off the region’s landscape peppered with old-time oilrigs and, of course, a cascading water fall and wellspring.

Reeves Regional Health Boots 1 & 2

These 'sister' boots showcase symbols near and dear to the far West Texan soul: Ft Davis Mountains, prairie grasses, yucca, deep blue skies, and more. Also, proudly shown is a new name, for a new hospital, Reeves Regional Health is now better situated to be at the center of health and wellness in our area.

Reeves County Probation Office Boot

The goals of the 143rd Judicial District Community Supervision and Corrections Department are to protect the public and community that it serves and to provide opportunities for the rehabilitation of offenders within the guidelines established by the laws of the State of Texas.

Texas New Mexico Power Co. Boot

Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP) is an electricity transmission and delivery utility that serves more than 260,000 homes and businesses across the Lone Star State. Texas-New Mexico Power’s service area stretches across multiple parts of the state, allowing energy consumers around Texas to take advantage of low Texas-New Mexico Power electricity rates. The company’s territory includes West Texas.

United Supermarket - United Express Boot

We’re not your ordinary grocery store chain. The United Family operates under five banners, totaling 95 stores in 51 communities. Each store format was specially designed to feed, inspire, and reflect the culture of the communities we serve and the always evolving needs and wants of the guests we serve.